We’re The Better Choice

There are only a few English Speaking Networking groups active in Israel. Of all of them we have the best balance between professionals, the actual work that our “networking” brings in, combined with a comfortable atmosphere for all.

There are quite a few different networking groups. There are two different styles, the first is the hi pressure version that gives  the impression of some kind of cult with their ceremonial customs (Google confirms this impression), and high pressure requirements. The second is the “layback” morning meetings that are more of a group of friends meeting for coffee. There is a third option, that has the balance between the two: Bn4es.

Bn4es provides for a comfortable atmosphere of professionals, who have connections, to meet others to expand their networks and increase their members incomes.

Bn4es is run by Melissa Nahshon of Order in The House.

As a small business owner, she understands the need for an English-speaking  networking group. Members hail from the US, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Germany, the Netherlands and (of course) Israel. All members are professionals who have made their mark in a wide range of professions. This makes Bn4es a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas, making connections and doing business. Networking takes time and effort, but it should also be fun. That’s why Melissa makes sure that the networking meetings take place in a warm, pleasant and stimulating atmosphere, where members are comfortable expressing opinions and asking for advice or help. Why not give it a try? You are invited to join us at our next networking meeting; you can find the date on our home page and Facebook page. Make sure to bring your business cards and practice your introductory pitch – we would love to welcome you!