How It Works: The Nuts & Bolts

Our Bi-weekly Meetings 

Meet and Greet
Before we actually sit down, there is an informal gathering of members and Guests with tea and coffee.

Consists of a variety of foods. (kosher), tuna, eggs, cheese as well as tea and coffee.

Introduction of the Members and their Guests
Here each member introduces him/her self as well as mentioning what they are looking to get out of these meetings.

Guest Speaker

Someone talks…..the subjects vary and there is the option for Questions & Answers.

Recommendations & Events
This is the part were various members get to state why Bn4es networking works. Here they explain the work and / or connections that they have received through the members of Bn4es. This is to essentially  reaffirm why we have joined the group.

Group Announcements
What’s happening next

Being a full member of BN4ES has various benefits.

Before joining, Bn4es will check that there are no direct competitors in the group. Members with the same profession are allowed as long as their respective specialties or field of expertise is different.

Members are allowed to post on the group’s blog, including re-posting from their own blog.

The full membership is NIS 800 a year. This fee is non-refundable.

As in most business networking groups there is a requirement that members attend the majority of meetings otherwise this has a direct impact on the group’s effectiveness as well as guest attendance.8

Bn4es’s Facebook page:

One of Each
The group strives to include only one professional per occupation and specialization (e.g., web designer, life coach, photographer, technical writer etc)

Members and Visitors
Each sign up for each meeting. Once registered for a meeting, the member is obligated to pay the fee (cancelling 36 hours in advance is permissible without paying the fee).

Course and Workshops

Here you will find a list of highly recommended professional business and business-related courses and workshops given by members of the Bn4es networking group.

Our Events

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