Business Networking 4 English Speakers

We have a single purpose: To promote and expand our businesses in Israel – Since 2010.

We offer great opportunities for small business owners and freelancers to promote their businesses in a comfortable environment. It’s the ideal way to connect with peers who have similar business objectives in a professional and stimulating environment.

Bn4es allows it’s members to develop their businesses through educational seminars, guest speakers and member presentations.

Our Networking  Includes:
Freelancers & Small Business Owners

Marketing | Family Law Services | Financial Services | Computer Technical Services | Graphic Design | Tourism | Interior Design | Coaching | Home Organization | Therapy | Home Repair | Unique Artistic Products | Body Care | Insurance | Webdesign  & Development | Home Repair | Theater | Event Planners

Our Next Meetings

If you are a serious English-speaking small business owner – we have a place for YOU in Bn4es! Contact us to find out how you can visit us, as a guest, as well as learn about our membership requirements.

Upcoming Events

Our events are varied. Some of our events consist of our members telling us of their latest successes as well as thanking the members for their recommendations. Other events include guest speakers that have a subject that is of particular interest to the members. We even have some events that require member participation.

All of our events are in Ra’anna (unless otherwise noted*). 7:45 – 9:45.
6 Hamasger Street, Ra’anana, 43656

Karen Tsafrirr
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