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Bn4es allows it’s members to develop their businesses through educational seminars, guest speakers and member presentations.

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Fear of heights: 2021 Half-Year Market Review

Today in Hebrew July 21, 2021

הזמנה לוובינר – פחד גבהים: סיכום המחצית הראשונה של 2021
21.7.2021, 17:00 – שעון ישראל, ZOOM

הצטרפו אלינו לוובינר מרתק עם מנהל ההשקעות הראשי שלנו לשוק המקומי, שמואל בן אריה, שיסקור את נקודות השיא והשפל של חצי השנה הראשונה של 2021 וייתן לנו הצצה לעתיד לבוא ומה כדאי לעשות בתיק ההשקעות בעקבות כך.

*להרשמה לוובינר:
לאחר ההרשמה ישלח דוא”ל אישור עם כל פרטי ההתחברות*

הוובינר ישודר בשידור חי בעמוד הפייסבוק שלנו ויהיה זמין לצפייה גם בערוץ היוטיוב שלנו.

אנו מזמינים אותך לשתף את ההזמנה עם בני משפחה וחברים שהנושא עשוי לעניין אותם.

בכל שאלה, ניתן לפנות אלינו ב-09-9611313 או בדוא”ל


A unique workshop led by Jennifer Lang and myself that will make you think about the clothes you wear and the way you approach colo(u)r on the page. Whilst Jennifer and I may have argued long and hard about how to correctly spell colo(u)r – I know, I know – we are united in our acknowledgement of how profound the individuals relationship to colo(u)r is.

From the day we are born we are colo(u)r coded and confounded, often in a way that affects us for the rest of our lives.

For everyone who gets dressed in the morning, for anyone who is interested in the written word and for anyone for whom colour plays a part in your daily life this promises to be an illuminating and thought provoking experience as we explore the language of colo(u)r.

Where: Israel Writers Studio , Central Tel Aviv.

When: Wednesday, July 28 2021 from 10:00 – 13:00

Cost: 450nis
Places are limited. Details and sign-ups at

Our Next Meetings

Hanna and Ben Baer
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Child Therapy Helping kids who were “falling through the cracks.” Our collaborative approach – us, the parents, and the child – that helps bring about fundamental shifts.

If you are a serious English-speaking small business owner – we have a place for YOU in Bn4es! Contact us to find out how you can visit us, as a guest, as well as learn about our membership requirements.

Upcoming Events

Our events are varied. Some of our events consist of our members telling us of their latest successes as well as thanking the members for their recommendations. Other events include guest speakers that have a subject that is of particular interest to the members. We even have some events that require member participation.

All of our events are in Ra’anna (unless otherwise noted*). 8:15 – 10:30.
6 Hamasger Street, Ra’anana, 43656